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Suzuki Skywave 250 (2004)

$1200 by alvin1rho567 in Okinawa, Apr 20
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Suzuki Skywave 250 (2004) in Okinawa
Suzuki Skywave 250 (2004) in Okinawa
Suzuki Skywave 250 (2004) in Okinawa
Suzuki Skywave 250 (2004) in Okinawa

This price will include new brakes and oil change. If you have a sofa license you're allowed 6 wheels per license so you're authorized to have a car and either a scooter or motorcycle. I'm selling this scooter because I have PCS orders back to the states. I drive from McT by Camp Courtney up to Hansen daily. It takes about $4.80 to fill up the tank and that take will last me about 7 to 8 days including weekends. The annual road tax is $8 so its not expensive to own this scooter. It has a glove compartment, two spots to store ID or wallet/phone and trunk space under the seat. I normally can fit my gortex two or three six packs and more in that storage area. I have not done this but once when I first test drive the bike but I got it up to like 120KM once just to make sure it was good to go. It cuts down traffic time as well. Tires were replaced in January 2019 and it has a smooth ride and a lot of power for a scooter. I think I got it up to 60KMs in like 8 seconds but that seemed fast for me. However I am an old dude so... also comes with a motorcycle cover to protect from the weather.

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