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Bewitching Enchantment Learning Academy: Divination lesson: Tasseomancy

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Do you like Harry Potter?

Would you like to foretell the future reading coffee dregs?

Tasseomancy lesson:
Fri 13 at 5:15 or Sat 14 at 10:15 at ginowan.

Children will use milk cocoa instead of coffee. The first part of the class will be learning how to prepare a special recipe of hot chocolate. Then they'll study what they can find and after drinking cocoa they'll watch the dregs.

You can book your place in the 1st Academy of witchcraft and wizardry in Okinawa!!

Information for parents:

What can BELA teach to your children?

First of all, BELA will teach them to use hands, we won’t use electrical appliances.

They will have 5 subjects:

Charms: They will learn how to make charms following a pattern, giving them skill at concentration.

Divination: Memorizing the minning of different elements to foretell the future will train their brain to improve their memory.

Herbology: They will learn the properties of different plants. They will learn how to care them, dry and use later for making...

Potions: They will make potins that really work. (Professor Bela has a bachelor in pharmacy so actually what they will learn is pharmaceutical compounding.)

Magical creatures: They will learn about magical creatures and they’ll make handcraft of them like drawing or collage.

And all of this giving free rein to their imagination!

More info:

Facebook: Bewitching Enchantment Learning Academy

twitter: @professorbela

Instagram: @professorbela

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