2003 Honda Fit Sport

$3000 OBO by Gonzo in Ginoza, Dec 30
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Close your eyes and imagine the sexiest car you have ever seen. Be honest, you just pictured a Honda Fit, didn't you. This boss 2003 Fit "S"has 102k km. This isn’t your dad’s Mercury Cougar that shit the bed after 77,000k. It’s a Honda, it’s just hitting puberty, and it can be yours for only $3,000.

Let me tell you about the features:

- 1.5 L L15A VTEC Inline-four engine 4WD (NOT YOUR AVERAGE JOE)

- Auto Transmission /CTV (This baby will allow the input shaft to maintain a constant angular velocity)

- JCI until Feb 2018!

- New Tires! (July 2016)

- Microfiber Black Seats

- AC Cold enough to freeze the balls off of a pool table

- Paint job as charcoal-gray as your Ex's heart is black!

- CD Player and AUX Fitting


- Side/Rear view mirrors all work! So you can see all the jealous people you pass by, as well as the pedestrians.

- Airbags SRS (good in case car rolls over after a river-jump)

- A rad rear access hatch (that's what she said!) to ensure you will not have any trouble getting folks, or large objects into your new car.

- Spacious enough fit 4 full grown German Shepherds and passenger the size of Chewbacca in the front! (This is KEY!)

- $18- $20 to fill up on gas (Good for cheap people and young drivers)

- This is the actual mileage, unlike a vast majority of the other cheap cars you’re finding in this cesspool of used cars

- Comes with a half tank of gas ($10), so you're only spending $2990. You’re welcome.

Never has a car made you so appealing to the opposite sex (or the same). From its provocative curves, to a paint job that screams "Screw you, I'm a car!", this Honda Fit emanates power from every angle at the local Saturday night Mihama car meet!

If you are serious about a car that turns heads, message me for details. 09037957768

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