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I have a brand new classic size Kamado Joe that I am selling, against my will, only assembled right out of the box. I have this grill in Okinawa and you might be the first to own one of this bad boys. If you would like to see pictures you can reach out. It is currently selling for $1,149 at the BX as of 04/08/2018. You are getting the same thing here and it's new.

Here goes some customer reviews from a popular website:

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Give away your charcoal grill and get one of these! It uses lump charcoal exclusively to achieve high temps when needed fopr searing meat or baking a pizza. It has a thick ceramic interior that radiates infrared heat from all directions when the lid is closed.

At the high heat levels (700 F +) the flame is "blue" and there is no charcoal smell, good when you bake pizza (7 minutes). At the lower temps the charcoal smell is evident. The heat is easily controlled by adjusting the exhaust and air intake.

The grill is very well made and is mechanically stronger than the "Green Egg" grill. We have had all kinds of grills before but this one is our favorite. It does everything well.

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Look here before buying the Big Green Egg. The Kamado Joe is a great value
ByJohn V. WinnTOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 18, 2015
I bought mine at Costco. Mine is the larger version, or "Big Joe" as it's called. I started this venture wanting a "Big Green Egg" or BGE for short. The BGE is only sold through certain stores so I finally found one and went for a look. What amazed me was with the price, you didn't get any accessories and everything was extra. I think you get the ceramic body and the grill. I then started doing my research and ran across the Kamado Joe. As my luck had it, our local Costco was having a road show for KJ so hopped in the car and went over. I was blown away at the quality of the ceramic and wow, all the stuff that came with it. Side shelves, the "nest" what they call the base it sits in, and the neatest grill system I have ever seen. The grill is cut in half and the rack it sits in, lets you place the grill high or low. It also comes with the heat deflector, known as the "platesetter" in the BGE. Plus, the big Joe comes with a ceramic divider to divide the fire box. Of course I bought it, got it home and put it together. Boy it's heavy. I use it nearly daily, my poor Holland grill sits idle now. It can get really hot so does a beautiful job on homemade pizza. I wanted another rack to sit above the factory one, so I bought a regular round grill and used large U bolts as legs. I put my Pizza stone on that, and it works great. If you are looking at the BGE, you might want to look at the Kamado Joe. Same warranty, better deal.
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I love this grill. I previously owned a Big Green Egg, but gave it to my son when I was living in a high rise. Now I'm back on solid ground with a patio and needed a grill. After a lot of research, I decided to try the Kamado Joe. It's not cheap, but given the fact that it comes with plate setters, ash tool, and grill grate tool, it is cheaper than a Big Green Egg which includes no accessories. I was amazed at how fast I got it. Free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime. There is some assembly required, but that is also simple. You will need someone to help you get it out of the crate, but that's more from bulkiness than weight.

I loved my Big Green Egg, so I was a little worried that the Kamado Joe wouldn't have the same quality and temperature control abilities. No need to have worried. This is a well built product that has actually made some improvements over the Green Egg design. I'll compare the two since my dilemma was to buy this or The Big Green Egg:

1. The temperature control is as easy, accurate, and consistent as my Big Green Egg. Once the charcoal is lit, you can adjust the dampers to achieve your desired temperature, and it stays right there even on windy days.

2. The top has a felt ring around it that holds the cast iron damper cap in place even when opening and closing the grill. This is an improvement over the Big Green Egg which just had the cap sitting on the ceramic. I would have to remove the cap when opening the lid to keep it from falling off of the Egg.

3. With the Big Green Egg, you needed a bucket and ash tool, that was not included, to clean out the ash after cooking. The Kamado Joe has a slide in drawer that catches the ashes. The drawer holds enough ash to burn down a full load of charcoal, then you just pull it out, empty it, and put it back in. It would be a good idea to occasionally remove the fire box, etc. and clean around it (also true of The Big Green Egg), but this tray makes it much easier to empty the ash out during every day use.

4. You could only cook on the upper or lower level at one time on The Big Green Egg. The Kamado

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